Handling Adolescent Children: A Guide to Teacher and Parents

Margaret K. Lubega
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-Introduction<br> -Transition from Childhood to Adolescence<br> -Physical Changes during Adolescence<br> -Understanding Adolescent Sexuality<br> -Managing Interpersonal Relationships<br> -Adoles...
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-Transition from Childhood to Adolescence

-Physical Changes during Adolescence

-Understanding Adolescent Sexuality

-Managing Interpersonal Relationships

-Adolescents and Premarital Sex

-Juvenile Delinquency


-Moral Responsibility in Adolescence

-Understanding the Generation Gap

-Relating with Teenagers

-Keeping Children off the Street

-How to Help Adolescents in their Social Life

-Successful Step-parenting

-Successful Single Parenthood

-HIV/AIDS and its Impact

-Adolescents and Discipline

-Adolescents and Education