We are one of East Africa's largest publishing houses.


With 25 years of existence, and over 2,990 publications every year, Fountain has amassed a catalog of over 30,000 publications

In 1988, a group of scholars, entreprenuers, teachers and young enthusiasts got together and pushed for what would be Uganda's 1st indigenously owned publishing house.Previously, Uganda largely depended on books from Kenya and photocopied material that trickled in from abroad. It is from these consultations that Fountain Publishers was established and registered in 1988.

Today, over 30 years later, our publications have grown and cut across multiple disciplines including school textbooks, academic, general, fiction, tourism, children and local language books. We have built an extensive distribution network in the region and in international markets. Fountain Publishers has played an active role in the social responsibility spectrum that has led to contributing to national goals


Trusted by hundreds of clients since 1988