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A Directory of Uganda's Sixth Parliament 1996-2001

By:Fountain Editorial Team

Release date:1999


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African Music for Schools Book 1


Release date:


Regular Price: UGX 15,000

Alice Lakwena & The Holy Spirits: War in Northern Uganda 1986 - 1997

By:Heike Behrend

Release date:1993


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Apollo Milton Obote: What Others Say

By:Omongole Anguria

Apollo Milton Obote: What Others Say is a collection of newspaper articles and commentaries by politicians, friends and foes, workmates, his ministers, journalists from within and without, analysts, his family and above all, President Museveni, Obote’s long-time nemesis, about the man Ugandans loved to hate. For some, Obote is the founder of the nation, the nationalist, the pan- Africanist, the socialist—in short, a hero. To others he was a tribalist, regionalist and power maniac who resorted to intrigue, manipulation and the use of the army to monopolise politics and terrorise opponents. The Baganda saw him as a man who destroyed and humiliated Buganda, imposed a one-party dictatorship, grabbed people's property in the name of socialism and nurtured Amin, who later foisted a reign of terror over the country. For them, Obote in his life in exile (1971-80), like the Bourbons of old, learnt and forgot nothing, continued his politics of intrigue and manipulation, destabilised the UNLF, stole elections and imposed what they call the disastrous Obote II regime, culminating in civil war and the coup of 1985. To others, Obote was a victim of circumstances, of problems inherited from colonial rule, of intrigues and machinations of rival politicians, of foreign interests and powers, of his own indecision, timidity and procrastination, etc. To others still, Obote was a mixed bag—a man with achievements to his credit but also a man who committed avoidable blunders and mistakes that ruined this country. To the editor, Omongole R. Anguria, all these confl icting views needed to be compiled, preserved and presented to readers for them to determine on their own what Obote, Uganda’s first executive president stood for

Release date:2006


Regular Price: UGX 10,000

The Mazruiana Collection

By:Abdul Samed Bemath

A comprehensive annotated bibliography of the pulished works of Ali A. Mazrui 1962 -1997 Compiled by Abdul Samuel Bermath. Foreword by General Dr.Yukubu Gowon

Release date:1999


Regular Price: UGX 29,000

Uganda: An Oxfam Profile-The background, the issues and the people

By:Ian Leggette

Country briefs are usually full of statistics and not much else. This series is an exception. Its context is the issues that affect the poor and since the poor are the majority in developing countries,the overviews it offers are particularly relevant and to new scientist.

Release date:2001


Regular Price: UGX 15,000